Instructions for creating and managing an event on the BAWSC website

Version 3.1 - 2/28/14

Note that this is a work in progress document.  Please provide any feedback including errors or suggestions by email to Paul Wesolowski.

This document is not complete but will provide the majority of steps required to create and manage an event on the BAWSC website.


Note: Most events have been pre-loaded with a template so these steps show how to modify the event details. 

To create and manage an event, perform the following steps:

1. Go to the home page of the BAWSC website at

2. Login to the website in the upper right hand corner of the page using your e-mail address and password.

3. Once logged in, you will see a tab that allows you to switch to Admin view in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Click on "Switch to Admin View"

4. You will be brought to a page that has tabs at the top of the page.   You will see that the "Dashboard" tab is the page you are on. Now select the "Events" tab.

5. You are now on the Events List page.  Scroll down the list to find your event.  Note that the list of events are in reverse chronological order so you will need to scroll down past all the events that are scheduled later than your event.   Note:    If you need to create a brand new event make sure you use the "copy from previous" event option and copy from either the event dated "1/1/13 Event Template" to get a blank template or one you can copy from some previous 2013 event that is similar to the new event you want to set-up.   If you just create a brand new event without copying from a previous event you will not get the required club waiver and club cancellation policy document links that are required for each event.    Additional information how to add brand new events can be found at:

6. View your event details by clicking on the event title.   You will be brought to the Event Details page for your event.

7. Click the Edit tab at the top of the page to modify the event details.  Starting with the information on the left side of the page:

            A. Modify the Basic Information section:

                        i. Modify Title

                        ii. Add a tag from the list of tags such as board, event, meeting, etc.

            B. Modify the When and Where section.

                        i. Modify Start Date

                        ii. Modify Time (start time)

                        iii. Modify End Time

                        iv. Modify End Date - Note, day events do not require an End Date

                        v. Modify the Location Field


            C. Modify the List registrants on event page section.

                        i. Default is checked to Show attendees who want to be listed

                        ii. Depending on the event, select to everyone or to members only

                        iii. Check the  box to Include pending registrations

8. Click the "Save" tab at the top left hand corner of the page to save your current modifications.


9. Now go back to the Edit tab at the top of the page to modify the remaining event details on the column on the right side of the page:

            A. Modify the Description section:           

                        i. Modify Chair

                        ii. Modify Co-Chair

                        iii. Modify Event Overview

                        iv. Modify Event Details

                        v. Modify Event Cost section for members, non-members, and children under 18

                        vi. Modify Last Day to register or cancel a reservation (enter date)

            B. Modify Event Location & Directions section. 

                        i. Add the location of the event

                        ii. Optional Directions Information (especially for marina's) :Add a Google Map section so attendees can see a hyperlink of the location of the event and create their own directions to the event. 

                                    a. Go to

                                    b. Type in the address of the location of the event (e.g. Holland Riverside Marina,

7000 Holland Tract Rd, Brentwood, CA )

                                    c. Click on the  correct location that should be displayed on the google maps results section in the left column of the page (in this example, Holland Riverside Marina).  A pop-up will show up on the map displaying the location.  Click on the "more info" link on the pop-up.

                                    d. You should be brought to the location's info page.  Copy this webpage link from your browser entry (In this example,

                                    e. Now paste this hyperlink under the heading "Google Maps" so attendees can see the exact location of the event.  The webpage should show a Directions link on the webpage.

            C. Modify Special Instructions section (if necessary).             


            D. Modify Chair Contact Information Section.  

                        i, Modify Name:

                        ii. Modify Email:

                        iii Modify Phone:

            E. Modify Chair Contact Information Section. 

                        i, Modify Name:

                        ii. Modify Email:

                        iii Modify Phone:


            Review Registration Information and make any changes (if necessary) to the wording for your event.

10.  There is one optional section on this column.  If you want to include additional Information to be inserted in the registration email, then add the additional information under the heading "Additional event information to be inserted in registration email".

11. Click the "Save" tab at the top left hand corner of the page to save your current modifications.

Modify the Registration Types

12. Click on the Registration Types link which is the 3rd heading after the Event Details heading.

13. Select the Edit tab on the top left of the page.

            Modify the various Type Name for registrations for your event.  The defaults for most watersports events should have the following:

            i. Boat Owners

            ii. Member Price

            iii. Non-Member/Guest

            iv. Youth/Child (under 18)

Note that some events may be open only to Members or Members over 21 (e.g., Houseboat trips)

                        a. Modify each registration type field to reflect the correct Price, Availability (i.e. Limited access and whether Multiple Registrations are allowed from one registration).

Note that you can also add or delete types on this section.

The next section below this is "Registration Message (optional)" which allows you to add an additional registration message.

            i. Modify this section if you have something to add.

The last section Is the "Payment instructions for this event only (for invoice).   It is very important that you update this section so attendees know where to send in their checks

            i. Modify this section to include the following:

"Please mail your check today to hold your spot as follows:

Make check payable to BAWSC

Mail to:

(Chair Name and address)"

14. Click the "Save" tab at the top left hand corner of the page to save your current modifications.

Next, review the emails section and modify if necessary:

15. Click on the emails link which is the 3rd heading after the Event Details heading.

        Very Important - Click the EDIT button in the upper left hand corner and update the Event Organizer section to be either the chair or co-chairs name so that person receives email notifications when people register for the event and your email address is what is in the reply to field when messages go out.   If you don't do this step the webmaster is the only one who will receive the email notification.

Make sure the Copy emails according to email routing settings is NOT checked.   Otherwise all event chairs and board members will receive copies of every email that goes out and comes in for your event

            This section contains when the announcements will be sent out for your event.  The emails will preload macro information so you don't actually have to modify the emails unless you want to add additional information.  You can review what the message will look like by clicking on the Announcement or Reminder links.  In most cases, there is nothing for you to do here and Wild Apricot will automatically send the messages.

The  auto-email default for the reminders is set to OFF.  You must add a schedule or even send the announcement immediately by pressing the Send Now or Schedule buttons under each announcement or reminder.  (Note: Do not press the Send Now button at this time as your event is not completed until the next step (Registration Form) is completed.   You can come back to this page later if you need to send a message immediately.

There is also a section labeled Registration emails on this page.  The default is to send registration confirmation and initiated messages to the event attendee and event organizer.

If you need to modify anything on this page, press the Edit tab, make your modifications, and then press the "Save" tab to save your modifications.

Now modify the Registration Form

16. Click on the Registration Form link which is the 2nd heading after the Event Details heading.

            The defaults should show:

            i. Cell Phone #

            ii. Event Waiver       

            iii. Event Acceptance & Cancellation Policy

            iv. Emergency Contact

The last 3 items should show as Mandatory.  In most cases none of these fields will need to be modified. 

17. Select the Edit tab.

            The default for an event is Visible (do not modify this).

            The default is that the Registration is NOT enabled.

            i. Enable the Registration (if you are ready to accept registrations)

            ii. Select the Limit Registrations if there is a maximum amount of registrations that are limited on your event.

Make any modifications and then Click the "Save" tab at the top left hand corner of the page to save your current modifications.


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