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BAWSC Event Acceptance & Cancellation Policy

In an effort to make BAWSC events as safe as possible, all event participants are requested to refrain from alcohol consumption until you are done participating in boating and water-sport activities for the day.  

Each person must have a proper fitting coast guard approved life jacket with them while in a boat and wear it when being pulled behind a boat.  Coast Guard rules require every person in the boat have a life jacket available.   If you don't have a proper fitting coast guard approved life jacket for each person please contact the event chair prior to the event who will do their best to try and get one you can borrow.  

Thank you for your understanding.

You are not confirmed for an event until your payment has been received and recorded by the Event Chair.   When the event chair confirms your payment has been received you will receive an email you are confirmed for the event and your status on the website will be updated to confirmed for the event.

Each event is independently operated by the Event Chairpersons, please contact them for any specific details or procedures.

CANCELLATION OF EVENT BY THE CLUB: Events may be canceled at any time by the Club due to unforeseen circumstances. Notice and refunds will be provided only to registered members and guests if deposits or fees have been collected in advance.

CANCELLATION BY MEMBER OR GUEST: No refund of deposits or fees collected in advance will be made to any member or guest who cancels after the date specified by the CANCEL DATE listed for this event unless another member or guest replaces their position at the event.

The Bay Area Water Ski Club is grateful for the use of members' boats and equipment at events. Please treat their equipment with care you would give your own.

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