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BAWSC Ski Boat Pre-season Check List

Here’s a check list of maintenance items to consider in getting your boat ready for the water sports season.

The Boat:

ð       Check navigation lights

ð       Change fuel filters

ð       Change engine oil & filter

ð       Check engine oil level

ð       Check for fuel, oil & water leaks

ð       Check fire extinguisher charge

ð       Check gen/pump belt quality & tension

ð       Change transmission fluid

ð       Check transmission fluid level

ð       Check & lube throttle/shift cable/linkages

ð       Lube starter motor

ð       Check & lube steering cable & rudder

ð       Align engine & drive shaft

ð       Check drive shaft log leakage

ð       Check drive shaft bearings

ð       Clean air filter

ð       Check ski pylon/tower fasteners

ð       Check engine mount/fasteners

ð       Check general fastener tightness

ð       Inspect spark plugs & cables

ð       Change water pump impeller

ð       Change flashlight batteries

ð       Refill first aid kit

ð       Check & clean battery terminals

ð       Charge battery

ð       Clean seawater strainer

ð       Check transmission cooler for debris

ð       Clean bilge

ð       Check bilge pump

ð       Check transom exhaust flaps

ð       Check hose connections

ð       Check electrical connections

ð       Check PVC valve

ð       Clean speedo pickups

ð       Clean, polish & wax hull

ð       Clean windshield

ð       Clean/sand & stain swim platform

ð       Clean & preserve upholstery

ð       Clean carpeting

ð       2010 registration & tags

The Trailer:

ð       Check tires & pressure

ð       Check wheel bearings & grease

ð       Check brakes

ð       Check lights

ð       Check fasteners (especially the bunks)

ð       Check & secure boat tie down straps

ð       Current registration & tags

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