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Flat Water Times

Newsletter Guidelines for Submitting Articles for Flat Water Times

1.       Article word count:  500 - 800 words
* Please 
check the number of words by using 'Word Count" in Microsoft Word

2.       Use Microsoft Word to write your article and send as a Word attachment

3.       Times Roman font:  12 pt.

4.       Two spaces after each period and after each semicolon/colon for each sentence

5.       No “All” Capitals!  When emphasizing a point, you can bold the word/sentence and use a different color. 

For example:  Preferred way:  Skiing not SKIING

6.       Spell out all words:  No abbreviations (for example, Monday – not Mon, September – not Sept.)

7.       Morning/Evening Abbreviations – am not AM or a.m

8.  Proofread/spell-check your article

9.  Email Article and photos to FWT Editor Lynette Wong

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