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Arrive at the event on time - sorry, we cannot wait for you if you're late.

When you arrive at an event, look for the boat sign-up board.
  • the board shows the number of skiers that can fit on each boat - sign up where there's an open slot
  • sign ups are first come first served
  • beginners: please ask the event chairperson to help you - we know who the good teachers are!
  • as soon as the available slots for your boat fill up, you'll take off for the morning run
  • we repeat this process at lunchtime for the afternoon run

    Please treat the boats with care. They are expensive and easily damaged.
  • remove your shoes before boarding; avoid standing on the seats; do not walk on the bow of the boat
  • minimize what you bring onto the boats & keep your personal items contained
  • be sure to bring your own sunscreen, water, towel, and sunglasses
  • be careful loading and unloading equipment - don't bang against the boat as the fiberglass can chip
  • ask the owner before eating or drinking on the boat (water is not a problem); don't smoke on the boat
  • ask the boat owner to tell you his/her personal do's and don'ts to avoid any misunderstandings

    It's much appreciated if all skiers assist the other skiers and driver:
  • raise the flag whenever a skier, rope, or ski is in the water (and only then)
  • pull in the ski rope as soon as the skier is done so other boats don't run over it
  • take the ski from the skier who's done (don't hit the boat), dump the water out of the boot, put it away
  • help the next skier with their ski - put it on the ski platform, wet the binding, and have the soap ready

    We ski in rotation - be ready for your turn.
  • you'll need a ski, skis or wakeboard, a vest and gloves
  • if you need to borrow club equipment, you must let the chairperson know in advance (1 week notice)
  • if you do borrow equipment, you are responsible for returning it to the event chairperson at the end of the day
  • note: a well-fitting (Coast Guard approved) vest is the best piece of equipment to buy when starting out!
  • keep your pull to a reasonable length of time - you'll get a minimum of 2 pulls per day, typically more
  • if you are having difficulty getting up, stop and rest after 10 tries
  • when trying new equipment, ask for instruction - we're happy to help

    Our club believes in safety first and last. Event attendees (members & non-members) are expected to understand and abide by the club by-laws or the event chairperson may ask them to leave.
  • please no alcoholic beverages until you're done skiing and/or boat driving for the day
  • the following can result in a ticket for the boat driver:
    - passengers sitting on the sides of the boat while it's in motion
    - skiers spraying other boats or skiers
    - skiing within 100 feet of a moored vessel

    Helping the boat owners clean their boats at the end of the day is greatly appreciated. That means we:
  • wait until the owner pulls their boat out of the water; unload your gear
  • wipe down the inside and outside of the boat, using towels and cleaning products provided by the owner
  • that's it! it takes about 1/2 hour max and it's a huge help to our generous boat owners
  • note: the boat owners also appreciate people carpooling to the events with them 
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