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BAWSC Event Waiver                                                                                                                                       6-8-21

In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in THE BAY AREA WATER-SKI CLUB'S athletics/sports program and related events and activities, the undersigned:

  1. Agree that prior to participating, they each will inspect the facilities and equipment to be used, and if they believe anything is unsafe, they will immediately advise the BAWSC event chairperson, club officer, or board member of such condition(s) and refuse to participate.
  2. Acknowledge and fully understand that as a participant, I will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury, including permanent disability and death, and severe social and economic losses which might result not only from their actions, inactions or negligence but the actions, inactions or negligence of others, including those not participating in this event, the rules of play, or the condition of the premises or for any equipment used. Further, that there may be other risks not known to us or reasonably foreseeable at this time.
  3.  I understand, acknowledge and assume the risks and dangers associated with participation in the sport of water skiing, wake sports and related water sport disciplines and activities, including without limitation, the potential for serious bodily injury, sickness and disease (including COVID-19), permanent disability, paralysis and loss of life; loss of or damage to equipment/property; exposure to extreme conditions and circumstances; contact with other participants, spectators, boats, animals or other natural or manmade objects; dangers arising from adverse weather conditions; imperfect skiing conditions; water and surface hazards; equipment failure; inadequate safety measures; participants of varying skill levels; situations unknown to or beyond the immediate control of the event organizers; and other undefined, not readily foreseeable and presently unknown risks and dangers (“Risks”).  I understand that these Risks may be caused in whole or in part by my own actions or inactions, the actions or inactions of others participating or not participating in the event(s), or the negligent acts or omissions of the Released Parties defined below, and I hereby expressly assume all such Risks and responsibility for any damages, liabilities, losses or expenses which I may incur as a result of my participation in the event.
  4. I understand I must have a proper fitting coast guard approved life jacket with me while in a boat and wear it when being towed behind a boat.  
  5. I acknowledge that I can swim and have no physical limitations that prevent me from participating in this activity. Furthermore, I acknowledge that I can enter and exit a boat swim platform or ladder into and out of the water without assistance and am otherwise not physically unable to participate in this activity.
  6. I commit that on the actual day of the event I will not attend the event if I am experiencing any symptoms of illness such as a fever, cough, or shortness of  breath. If I develop these symptoms during the event, I agree that I will leave the event premises immediately. I am aware that I must follow the safety and hygiene protocols of the event organizer.
  7. Release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Bay Area Water Ski Club, its affiliated clubs, their respective administrators, directors, agents, coaches, and other members of the organization, other participants, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, employees of affiliated sponsors, advertisers and if applicable, owners and leasers of premises used to conduct the event, all of which are hereinafter referred to as "releases", from any and all liability to each of the undersigned, his or her heirs and next of kin for any and all claims, demands, losses or damages on account of injury, including death or damage to property, caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the release or otherwise.
  8. Boat owners must show proof of watercraft liability insurance of a minimum amount of $300,000 if said boat is to be used in any club events or activities.
  9. Boat drivers must meet current California Boat Operator License Requirements and you agree by accepting this waiver you will not operate a boat at club events unless in compliance.
  10. All participates partaking in any of the Bay Area Water Ski Club water activities must have their own medical coverage.
  11. Alcohol consumption will not be allowed from an event’s official starting time to the conclusion of the on-the-water portion of the day’s event.
  12. The possession or use of illegal drugs or legal drugs that may impare a participant’s mental or physical capacities at official club events is forbidden.
  13. Understand that during the course of club events photographs of the undersigned and his or her family members or guests may be taken by the club and/or its representatives and release the club to use such photographs in club publications including newsletters, web site, and the like.
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