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Members of BAWSC are asked to setup and choose your privacy and e-mail subscriptions on the Website.

Log in to the Website with your e-mail (user-id) and password

  1. Click on your name in the upper right hand of home page, then click on “View Profile
  2. Click “Edit profile
  3. Review and modify your privacy settings, click “Privacy” and edit any field you don't want visible to other BAWSC members and then click “Save”.
  4. To insure you are subscribed to receive e-mail notifications from the forum based message boards when someone posts they are looking for a pull, crew, etc.  This should be done at least annually as forum names may change, you may have accidently unsubscribed, or our website hosting provider (Wild Apricot) has had issues where subscription information has been reset.
    1. Click on “Members Only Content” link found on the left hand navigation bar
    2. Click on “Member Forums
    3. In the Message Board forums’ section, individually click on each forum you want to receive e-mail (e.g. –“Looking for a Crew or a Pull, or Car Pool”) and individually click on each forum’s “Subscribe to Forum” link. You should see a green check mark once you do this.
      Note:  Subscribing to a Forum Topic is different than subscribing to a Form.  When you subscribe e.g. Looking for a Crew" will will receive notices for every message that is posted to that forum.  If you subscribe to a form topic e.g. Under Looking for a Crew" and then "Looking for a Crew for Memorial Day Weekend" if you only subscribe to that topic you will only get notifications for that specific forum topic but will not receive information for any other topic posted to that forum. 
  5. Then go back to the Home Page and click on “View Profile” again, click “Edit profile” and click “e-mail subscriptions” and adjust how you want to receive emails; immediately, daily or weekly when someone posts to the forum. The default is” daily”, I would recommend “immediately” if you want to know exactly when someone posts “Looking for a Crew, Pull, etc.”. CLICK “Save” at the very bottom of the “Edit Profile” page and you are done. 
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