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Boat Owner Responsibilities (updated 8/24/22)

  1. Please make sure your boat is in good running condition prior to the start of the event.
  2. Please validate that your coast guard equipment (fire extinguisher, paddle, throw cushion, ski/board rope, flag) are readily available on your boat and in good condition.
  3. Please do not bring pets on the boat during club events unless prior arrangement has been made with the event chair and your crew before the event.
  4. Boat owners must fill up their boat and tow vehicle with gas prior to and upon return from the club event and then turn in receipts with the reimbursement form to the event chair person and treasurer for reimbursements.*  The reimbursement form can be downloaded from the home page under "Club Documents and Forms" in the left-hand tool bar.
  5. The club may assign members to boats during club events.
    The boat owner can choose one crewmember to stay on their boat throughout the day. (Additional friends and family should rotate on open boats.) Please notify the event chair prior to the event if you will be bringing your own co-captain. If your co-captain is a registered co-member on the club roster your co-captain can also attend a day event for half-price.  (This applies to single day events only.)
  6. The boat owner can only choose their co-captain and the event chair needs to be notified who the co-captain will be prior to the event. All other guests including family members and friends on the boat must be paid and registered for the event prior to the sign-up deadline and will be assigned to boats according to how the event chair assigns guest to boats
  7. Notify Boat Owners they should only be pulled at club events by club certified drivers or their registered co-Capt.  Drivers in Training (DT) can drive their boat only if the boat owner is willing to let them practice driving and the boat owner is physically in the boat with them to provide coaching. DT should only pull someone if the person being pulled is willing to have a person who is in training pull them
  8. A minimum of 3 paid people must be assigned to all boats so if the Boat Owner is attending for free and the co-captain is attending for half price then there will be a min. of 5 people on the boat.  If the Boat Owner only, than a minimum of 3 people for total crew of 4.
  9. Boat owners will be reimbursed for boat fuel used during participation in club events up to a maximum of $120 per day plus launch fees.  (Gas & launch receipts are required) *
  10. Boat owners with boats stored at home or locations other than their home can include in their gas receipts their tow vehicle fuel cost from their home to their boat storage location as well as the boat's tow vehicle fuel cost from the boat storage location to the event location up to a maximum of $100 per event.  (This is in addition to the boat fuel used during participation in the event and the boat launch fee.  Gas & launch receipts are required.) 
  11. The boat owner has the right to refuse service to anyone. If you get a difficult person on your boat, bring them back to the dock and talk to the chairpersons.
  12. If at anytime you encounter a problem please notify the event chairpersons and the President of the club.
  13. Please arrive on-time for the start of the event, lunch break, and end of the day wrap-up.

We request that all boat owners follow this process. Any exceptions to this process must be submitted and approved by the BAWSC Board of Directors prior to the event. Any exceptions approved will only be good for the specific event being requested

* This process is followed so that the club is correctly reimbursing each boat owner for the tow gas and boat gas used the day of the event.


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