Besides officers (Pres, VP, Treas. & Sect.), positions on the board to be filled are: Webmaster,  and Club Historian. rev. 8/2/13

Boat Owner Privilege to Bring a Guest Participating in Watersports:     The guest of a boat owner bringing their boat to an event must be the same person designated on the membership application as the "spouse or significant other" indicated by their "bundled membership" and must be the boat owner's co-driver for the event.  This person will pay one-half the event fee as the guest of the boat owner for the full membership year.  rev. 7/20/15, 7/23/16 gc 

If this person is a non-skiing co-driver/significant other, they may attend a single day event for no-charge as related to boating costs.  rev. 7/23/16 gc


Hardship Policy: We will not waive the membership fee for hardship cases.

Membership Carryover:  Membership payments received on or after October 1 will also cover membership for the following year.  The board may decide to move that date up slightly if no events are scheduled on or after a modified rollover date for that year.

Newsletter:  Members from prior year will receive the hardcopy newsletter and have access to the members-only portion of the website until June 1 of the membership year.  Thereafter, you must be a member to receive the hardcopy newsletter and have access to the members-only portion of the website.  The website version of the newsletter will, however, be displayed in the unrestricted area of the website.

Club policies are to be posted in the members-only section of the web site.

Event costs: 1) Boat owners with boats stored at the location of the event can turn in a gas receipt for the roundtrip cost from their home to their place of storage as an event cost. 

rev. 8/2/13 This policy is no longer valid. G.Cauthren 5/2014

Event costs: Non-member fee for BAWSC events will be $15 higher than the member fee as approved by the board as of Sept. 2013.

rev. 9/2/13 G.Cauthren

Boat owners bringing their boats to events must be members.  This is because 1) the event waiver does not require insurance coverage, only the membership waiver calls this requirement out; 2) boat owners and drivers must be pre-approved by club board members who themselves are approved drivers. 

The event chairperson decides how many boats should be at an event.  Factors to consider are the dock size and facilities at the event location and the ability to comfortably accommodate the boating activity on the water.

Multi-day events can be a very challenging.  Chairs and co-chairs appointed to these events should have previously demonstrated excellent people skills, tolerance and patience.

Club event drivers:  The minimum requirement for club event drivers is to be a member, checked out by a qualified board member driver.  Preferably drivers should have taken the driver's clinic and had adequate behind-the-wheel experience with club drivers observing and coaching.

 Certifying new Boat Drivers:  Larry Ligon, Jim Jardine, Chris Feduniw, Jerry Baxter & Gina Kraft are allowed to certify drivers on the Delta.  We can’t allow new boat owners to drive in our events until they are certified by one of these board members. 

Limit Watersports day event registrations generally to two guests per member/non-member.         May 24, 2016 Gwen cauthren

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