updated:  8/23/16

BAWSC Event Chair/Co-Chair Responsibilities

6 weeks Prior to Event:

q  Very important - At least 41 Days before the event Fill-out the event template and enable the event for registration on web calendar following the Event Template Set-up Instructions or reschedule the date the system will automatically send out the event announcements.    If you don’t complete this step all BAWSC contacts and members will receive an announcement the event is open for registration but will not be able to register causing confusing that can be avoided by completing the event template and enabling registration 41 days before event date or rescheduling when automated announcements go out or shutting off the automated announcements.  

q  Initiate contact with boat owners and validate that they have current proof of insurance on file.  You can find out who has current insurance by running a "save search" called "Member boat owner insurance?" which can be found under the "contacts" tab and then clicking saved searches.  Determine the number of boats to include based on location of event.   Note: The website has pre-defined searches/groups and email templates to reach boat owners where you can select boat owners on multiple criteria e.g. ski boats vs. wake board boats, board verified, etc. See Help/How to section on the website for how to Send email to boat owners for step by step instructions  

Note: Boat Owner Privilege to Bring a water sports participating Guest:   The guest of a boat owner bringing their boat to an event must be the same person designated on the membership application as the "spouse or significant other" indicated by their "bundled membership" and must be the boat owner's co-driver for the event.  This person will pay one-half the event fee as the guest of the boat owner for the full membership year.  However, a boat owner's non-water sports participating significant other co-driver may attend single day events for no-charge as related to boating costs." rev. 7/23/16

q  Determine launch location and time.

q  Determine event costs and location as needed.  Research what location fees (car, per person, etc.) exist for the event to establish proper expectations during signups..  Use the Event Cost Calculator for guidance how to determine cost for your event.

q  See if one of our sponsors wants to sponsor the event (prizes, demo equipment, etc.)

q  Review plans with board.

q  Meet with co-chair to divide up responsibilities.

q  Inform Treasurer if any deposit checks need to be sent and where/when they need to be sent.

q  As people start registering for events and you receive their check you will need to go in and record their payment for the event which will automatically send them an email confirmation their payment has been received and they are confirmed for the event.   It is critical you record these payments as soon as they are received so attendees know they are confirmed and the system updates the total number of people attending.   Don’t forget the chair and co-chairs also need to register for the event so you have a total list of how many people are attending.  The website is where we record the event waiver and emergency contact information.

4 weeks Prior to Event

q  Submit an article about event to newsletter if within publishing window.

q  Finalize details with boat owners: Verify how many skiers their boat can hold, if they need help launching, if the boat is slalom only, wakeboard only or can accommodate both. Explain to them that the club will reimburse them for  club-paid expenses after the event when the treasure has received their receipts.   Also, re-verify that they have current proof of insurance on file by checking the latest club roster. Verify that the event start time and end time allow enough time for boat owners to get to the event and clean-up after the event before dark.

q  Update WEB event template, if necessary, with any additional details regarding start time and end times before Announcement #2 automatically goes out 14 days before the event.   

2 weeks prior to event:

q  Ensure there are enough boats for the number of attendees.  Consider some boats can only hold 4 total.   If not, begin contacting club members who own boats to drum up participation.

q  Continue to Collect checks and make sure you have recorded everyone’s payment in the website so they get confirmations up until the event registration deadline.

q  Evaluate number of boats and participants and prepare to disable event registrations if you don't have enough boats. 

q  Contact sponsors regarding their involvement (if needed).

1 week prior to event:

q  The system will automatically send out a reminder 7 days before the event to everyone who has registered and been confirmed for the event.    Update the Reminder announcement at least 7 days before the event if there are any special instructions you want to add to the reminder.

q  Contact boat owners and ensure they have needed information: where to meet, where to launch boats, when to meet, boat driver procedures.  Also validate that their insurance is still current by checking the club website

q  Very Important - Confirm that each boat owner has someone to help them with launching and clean-up of their boat before/after the event.  Note: this may require asking members to meet boat owners half-an-hour before the event time at the launch ramp, (e.g. their dock etc. versus the event location).

q   Make sure to have copies of various forms you will want to use at the event (skier procedures, equipment checkout, etc.)

q  Locate white board and banner to bring to event. White board is used for boat and driver assignments. Verify every boat has a qualified second driver.

Day of event:

q  Make sure you have all forms you need which can be found at Club Documents & Owners and Club Public Documents

q  Print out the event registration attendee list for each boat owner so they have the contact information for each attendee and their emergency contact information.

q  Have the designated mobile phone turned on and monitor during the event.

q  Check-in attendees and let them know what boat they are assigned.

q  Align an experienced member with any new people as a “buddy” so they can meet people and  get the most out of the event.

q  Organize ski schedule and ensure both boat owners and skiers know the plan.  Consider rotating people between boats between morning and afternoon sessions to allow participants to meet other people and pick-up tips from various boat drivers.

q  Determine approx. amount of time each skier/boarder/footer gets for their run and inform the participants to plan accordingly so everyone gets equal time

q  If you observe someone drinking alcohol, gently inform him or her that the club prefers participants do not consume alcohol until they have finished skiing for the day.

q  Appoint someone to take pictures for newsletter.

q  Bring banner and white board home.

After Event:

q  Send a thank-you letter or call boat owners and ask them to  complete the “Request for Reimbursement form” and either send it to you or the club   treasurer.  Inform them the club has a 60 day submission guideline.  Send them the form or remind them it is available on the WEB in the Members’ Area.   Note:  There is an email template on the web

q     Make sure anyone who attended the event is marked as "paid" on the Website and cancel the registration for anyone that registered but did not pay. This will then allow you to run a report off the website that shows total income received for the event sub-totaled by registration type e.g. Member, Non-Member, Boat Owner & Event Charis

q  Send funds collected and list of what boat owners brought their boat to the event to the club Treasurer within one week after the event.  Total dollars need to be broken down by total members fees and total non-member fees for IRS purposes.  There is a standard Event Report available on the website for this.   Note:  If you received cash please do not send cash by postal mail.  Instead write a check to Treasurer paid to BAWSC.

q  Write a article for the club newsletter with highlights of the event and submit to editor ASAP.  Also, ask the “event photographer” for that day to send photos to editor.

q  Keep all your planning information so you can pass it on to another coordinator for a future event!

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